Tired of looking for a suitable percussion loop?

Andrei Russo percussion GROOVERSUM packs series is a fresh, new collection of House, Lounge and RnB music percussion loops.

Percussion packs series features over (300 + each pack) live recorded loops, samples, fills and one-shot hits performed exclusively by Andrei Russo, one of the leading percussionists of the Dutch dance scene.

Here’s what you get with ‘Percussion Loops’:

Each package features over (300+) extended hits and loops including congas, bongos, snare drum, shakers, tambourine, agogo bells, timbales, bells, chimes, cabasa, cymbals (ride, crash, hi-hat).

All loops are recorded in a professional studio and engineered with full attention to detail and precision, perfectly cut for seamless looping.

All samples and loops have been left dry (without effects) to give you maximum sonic versatility. 

Format: wav/aiff  (24-bits / 44.1 kHz).

Tempo loops range from 70 to 135 bpm. But we can make it in any tempo you want and put together a package with different tempos!

All sounds of the instruments in our download packs are fully licensed for royalty free usage when you purchase this product. This means you can use this percussion loops, percussion samples, fills and one-shot hits in your own songs and then sell your songs without having to worry about additional costs. All you pay is the price shown by each pack.

BONUS:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              It also include extra pack for FREE filtered loops to give them unique sound ( check DEMO 2 )

If you buy a package, you will receive 3 custom-made loops on your request for FREE. Loops will be made just for you, how cool is that !!

Besides that Andrei Russo also can make a pack of mixed instruments, tempos, ready to use in your production.

So, welcome to GROOVERSUM world of percussion groove and click below for more information, demo loops, tracks and get inspired !